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 It is generally accepted that vaccines are safe, rigorously tested, properly regulated and publicly endorsed for health reasons. However, in the last 15 years there has been a raging debate among parents over the association between vaccines and the rise of autism spectrum disorders as they are labelled in children, in other words neurological problems. While there has been numerous studies to confirm the safety of vaccines and the adjunctive’s used in them, the controversy over their safety has continued to rage and many questions remain over their use and those people charged with endorsing their use. It is a fact that countries with the highest standards of healthcare are also the same countries suffering with the highest incidents of neurological problems among their young!  

In this article I would like to cover some of the more controversial aspects of the vaccine debate which are not commonly known.  

History of vaccines and adverse events

One can only understand a subject or industry by looking at the history of the organisations and companies involved to know what events led to the current status quo and to better know how these entities acted in the past when faced with difficult challenges.   Read More...


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As a renter for the past 20 years I have gambled that sooner or later prices would correct to normal levels (3 and half times income)a bad decision... Help to buy only serves to inflate house prices, encourage panic buying (in fear they won’t be able to afford in future) and causes reckless financial behaviour. We cannot compete with property investors (that new phenomenon which has set this generation back 100 years, in terms of social justice) Cheaper houses not access to a huge mortgage is the fairer way to go and much more conducive to a stable financial future for both us and the country.Thank you, I can step down from my soap box now.Regards

Peter Wheeler

If I, as an employee and manager in the private sector, or any of my colleagues and staff had fraudulently claimed  expenses in the same way as this I would have expected to be dismissed from my job immediately. There would have been no investigation or apology.This a great way to encourage voters to stay loyal to the Conservative Party ! I am totally disillusioned and will not vote for any party that supports fraudulent behaviour !Please pass this message on to the Prime Minister.  ( Not that he appears to have listened  to the people of the Country over the last twelve months ! ) Yours a very sad past voter,PRW

Naomi Simmons

What a mess!